About The Sounding Board

This is a community for lifelong learners. People who keep acquiring new knowledge. And when you do that as a part of a community, you’ll learn faster and create more.

The Power Of A Community

Learn Faster. Build Relationships. Do More.

Who is your go-to person when you face a challenge? Who do you talk to when you have a new idea? For most people, there are three options:

1. You go to a friend/family member/spouse: It’s great to have people in your life who care about you. But do they also understand your career? Do they have the same learning goals? Are they interested in the same things?

2. You go to a coach: This is a great way to learn. But can you hire a coach to work with you every day? And can you hire a wide range of coaches?

3. You try to figure it out on your own: This is what most of us do. Maybe we’re stubborn. Maybe we’re afraid people think we’re dumb. But when we do things by ourselves, it takes longer.

When you’re part of a community, you can go to the group with your challenges/goals/wins. That’s the power of a community. A group knows more than an individual. 

No Titles Required

Every lifelong learner is welcome to join.

Exchange Knowledge

Share your knowledge with the community.

Keep Improving

This group will exists as long as the members improve.


Darius Foroux

Hi, it’s Darius. I dislike social media, can’t find my way on forums, and think that good old websites lack interaction. Hence, The Sounding Board. I started this community to connect with like-minded people and compare notes with each other. I’m looking forward to connecting with you inside the community.

I’m also sharing my personal highlights from the books I read, and the podcasts I’m currently listening to. 

The Sounding Board